Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Murim Choi

Dr. Murim choi and his research team’s scientific goal is to understand molecular mechanism of various human diseases. In pursuing the goal, they use various human genetics approaches to understand disease mechanisms aided by various functional validations. Specifically, they used Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) to study a variety of human diseases and understand their genetic mechanisms. They have discovered Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based diagnosis method, mutations from a small family, rare-disease associated genes, and cancer causing somatic mutations.

Dr. Isheng Jason Tsai

The principal objective of Dr. Tsai’s research lies in the analysis of DNA sequence variation in large-scale genome sequencing studies, to identify how microorganisms adapt to their unique environment and in some cases, gain pathogenicity. Over these years,  Dr. Tsai’s have been leading or involved the de novo and comparative genome projects of various medicinally, veterinary, and agriculturally important pathogens, including the parasitic worms (helminths) and yeast re-sequencing genome projects by taking the advantage of next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Dr. Sangwoo Kim

Dr. Sangwoo Kim develops algorithms and theories to analyze genomic sequences. He focuses on the somatic mutation detection, structural variation detection, CNV detection, sequence simulation, and model based variant detection. And his group collaborates many clinicians and molecular biologists to uncover the disease-mutation association. His recent interest is developing the efficient methods to be applied to single-cell sequencing data.

Dr. Chen Siang Ng

Dr. Ng received his PhD in Genetics from University of California at Davis in 2009. He did his postdoctoral training at Biodiversity Research Center in Academia Sinica till 2015. He is now assistant professor of Department of Life Science in National Tsing Hua University. Dr. Ng is interested in the mechanisms of feather development and also the impact of human domestication to the genomic changes in avian genomes. His research incorporate tools in developmental biology, molecular biology, comparative genomics and bioinformatics.